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Guide to private dentures

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Complete dentures

A complete denture replaces all the lost natural teeth and adjacent tissues in either the upper or lower jaws.

If you have lost all of your natural teeth from disease, tooth decay or injury, then complete dentures
make the ideal choice for replacements.

Loss of all natural permanent teeth can substantially reduce the quality of your life, your self-image
and some basic daily functions. Therefore, high quality complete dentures are worth the investment,
as they restore your self esteem and confidence helping to improve your quality of life.

Complete upper dentures usually stay in position using suction, whereas the complete lower denture
is kept in place by correctly fitting to your gums and muscles. If you choose to have an injection
moulded denture base your denture may fit better.
To achieve this a BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) injection moulded denture would be suitable for you.

When you lose all of your natural teeth your jaw bone naturally shrinks away to a lower level
especially in the lower half of your face. This can cause a problem for denture stability and
retention especially when eating.

Iviclar Vivadent's denture teeth have been specifically designed to improve denture stability in this situation.

Remember it may take a while to adjust to wearing new dentures.

Partial dentures

  • Partial dentures can be made from gum coloured plastic or a mixture of plastic and a light metal alloy base which then hold the replacement teeth in position.
  • You should replace all teeth that are missing for the following reason:
  • Replacement prevents remaining teeth from rotating, tilting and moving into unsightly or awkward positions.
  • Your smile is restored whilst your general appearance is enhanced
  • Speech is improved
  • Eating becomes more comfortable and an experience to enjoy

Metal alloy partial dentures are far less bulky being generally lighter and more comfortable in the mouth.
Alloy clips and precision attachments can be incorporated to secure the denture in place.
Due to the time and specialist skill that is required to design and construct alloy partial dentures
they can be more expensive than the plastic alternatives.

Implant retained dentures

Dentures can be retained in the mouth by the use of implants. These are permanent fixtures
secured into your jawbones to which the denture is then attached.

It should be remembered that a surgical procedure is required to place the implants.

Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth and denture base plastics are designed to work in combination
with implants.

Eat with confidence

Chewing is the first step in the process of digestion. Your denture teeth and your natural teeth are used
to compact the food for swallowing and a certain amount of biting force and muscle coordination is required
to chew effectively.

Your bite and chewing forces can be reduced when dentures replace natural teeth. Consequently, your
eating habits are affected which include the types and amount of food eaten, where it is eaten and even
with whom you are prepared to sit and eat.

Whilst the production of sufficient amounts of saliva is invaluable for efficient chewing, the combined use
of the tongue and vheek muscles to manipulate food particles between the teeth also greatly effects
how well you chew your food.

It is therefore important that you choose high quality denture teeth that can help with the digestion process
by keeping loss of chewing efficiency to an absolute minimum. Our dentist will advise on that.

Smile with confidence

An attractive smile is an important social asset and when you first meet someone, often people are judged by their smile.

Our dentist can show you the broad range of denture teeth and colours available from Ivoclar Vivadent. You can
choose to have our unique 'Pearl Effect' finish on your denture teeth for a natural smile and a healthy appearance.

There are many 'Pearl Effect' colours available in the SR Vivodent® PE Shade Guide for denture teeth.

Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth are produced from various resin layers that are bonded under high heat and
pressure with added internal characterisations that mimic those seen in natural teeth. Each individual tooth
replicates the colour variations found in natural teeth whilst being extremely durable.

Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth are guaranteed against excessive wear for 5 years.

Your dentures may look at their most natural when denture teeth are used that are of a similar shape and
size to the teeth you have lost. Therefore, if you have any photographs of your mouth before tooth loss you
could bring them along to your first appointment to discuss your needs.
If your wish is for a totally new smile then this is also possible!

Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth can be selected according to the individual features of your face. You can choose
from a range of soft feminine shapes or bold masculine tooth styles, giving you a more realistic smile that
suits your personality.

Talk with confidence

Unstable dentures that move or wobble when you speak can have an effect on your confidence as well as
your social life. The better the denture fits your mouth the less likely it is to dislodge while you are talking.

If your dentures are uncomfortable and aren't fitting properly then even joining in simple conversations can be
a real effort and sometimes it can prove a little embarrassing.

Our dentist will tell you about the advantages of using impact resistant SR Ivocap® injection moulded
plastic for your denture. This may improve the fit of your denture and make it more stable and comfortable.

Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth are produced in many shapes that replicate the form and function of
natural teeth. When positioned correctly in your mouth they will aid speech and keep any movement
to a minimum.

Why choose private dentures?

Private dentures

The teeth used for private dentures are more realistic and will be individually positioned to enhance and support
your facial features. A wider range of shapes and colours are available such as Ivoclar Vivadent's 'Pearl Effect' brand.
Teeth intended for private dentures are specifically manufactured to improve their strength and appearance,
with a 5 year guarantee against excessive wear. Enhanced techniques are used to make sure your dentures fit
and look their best. Quality is paramount, so you can expect a high standard of workmanship,
using only the very best materials which will produce an exceptional result.

Economy/Standard dentures

If you choose a cheaper option the dentures will not look quite as natural. Denture teeth manufactured
for use with economy dentures are not as realistic as private dentures and can appear 'false'. Often teeth
with restricted shapes and colours are set to an 'average position' with little thought given to your individual
characteristics. Teeth for economy dentures are often provided without any form of guarantee against
ecessive wear and can lose both their functionality and their appearance in a shorter time.
Generally you can expect an exceptable standard of workmanship, with an average looking result.

Has your existing denture broken?

Occasionally dentures can break and if the denture breaks in the mouth then it's usually for a good reason:

  • Poor fit as a result of bone absorption (shrinkage)
  • Excessive force possibly due to tooth grinding

The shape of your mouth can also change as part of the natural aging process.

Repairing a denture that repeatedly breaks can become expensive! Your mouth may also be damaged
particularly when the fracture is due to bad fitting.

Iviclar Vivadent has a specialist range of impact resistant denture base materials that are 30% stronger
than conventional denture base materials which helps prevent your dentures from fracturing.

The fit of your denture should be checked regularly by your dental professional. If your denture is 5 years old
or more then perhaps you should consider a new one and keep the old ones as a spare. If you suspect your
dentures aren't fitting as well as they should then one option may be to have your dentures relined with an
injection moulded denture base to improve its strength and fit.

Ask our dentist about the advantages of SR Ivocap® High Impact base materials. For optimum results
Ivoclar Vivadent strongly recommends the use of its denture base plastics in combination with
Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth.

Why choose SR Vivodent® PE teeth?

Iviclar Vivadent denture teeth are made from several resin layers that reproduce the depth, warmth and character of the natural teeth. They are durable and functional just like nature's own.

We have an amazing variety of tooth shapes to choose from which can be matched according
to the individual characteristics of your face and harmonized perfectly to blend with your gender
and personality.

Our private range of denture teeth, SR Vivodent® PE, has a unique 'Pearl Effect' surface finish.
You can choose from many colours varying from pearlescent white through to the more
common shades such as light yellow.

Other ranges, such as SR Vivodent® DCL can be used to produce a Hollywood white smile.
All our private denture teeth are hand finished, with a 5 year guarantee against excessive wear.
Our dentist will offer advice to you on the full range of Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth available

Ask our dentist to see the many colours of the 'Pearl Effect' shade guide.

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